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Experienced engraver, crafting innovative digital solutions.

Xiamen Yongsong Imp&Exp Co., Ltd

Xiamen Yongsong Imp&Exp Co., Ltd owns its own state of the art facilities and has developed a comprehensive line of products which include bases for memorials,grass markers,slants,bevels,upright monuments,memorial benches,columbarium niches, as well as cemetery features and private mausoleums. Because we own quarry and also produce, we retain the highest control of material quality and ultimately the service to our customers.

Customized tombstones with intricate carvings can truly honor and memorialize loved ones in a unique and personal way. The variety of materials and designs you provide, such as Dove Carved Monument, Tree Carved Monument, Cross Carved Monument, Jesus Carved Monuments, Flower Carved Monument, and Rose Carved Monument, offer a range of options to suit different preferences and emotions. 



Environment friendly

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Modern technology

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High quality standards

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